car service & repairs Chelsea heights

Preventative maintenance and regular servicing keep your vehicle running reliably throughout its life. If you have been looking for a car service centre serving vehicle owners in Chelsea Heights, you can count on our mechanics at Continental Mordialloc. We have years of experience in performing everything from simple oil changes to the manufacturer recommended logbook service. We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to find out the problem and rectify it the first-time around.


Our certified mechanics inspect, balance and rotate your tyres as scheduled by your car’s manufacturer. When it is time for tyre replacement, we will help you find out the correct size and type of tyre that suits your car and driving style. We also stock cheap tyres for sale and even help you with proper installation.

Wheel Alignment:

We are equipped to deal with your wheel alignment issues and provide professional services at affordable prices. If you are concerned that your car is not driving the way it used to be or notice unusual wear & tear, bring your vehicle to us. Our mechanics will do a simple check and perform proper wheel balancing to provide you with a safer driving experience. We also stock and fit cheap wheels that can make your vehicle look sportier and more elegant. Why not replace your outdated wheels with our performance wheels and steel wheels for your vehicle?

Roadworthy Certificate:

If you are planning to buy or sell a used car, you need to obtain the roadworthy certificate to ensure that the vehicle is in compliance with Vic Roads Safety Regulations. To receive this certificate, your vehicle should pass the inspection test. Our certified mechanics conduct a thorough evaluation and perform brake & clutch repairs, battery replacement and other safety measures to get you the certificate quickly and easily.

At Continental Mordialloc, we assure you that your vehicle receives the best attention it deserves. For appointments and quotes, call us at 03 9590 9669. We are more than happy to fulfil your car repair needs.