Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

When you’re a car owner, you know that car repairs are unavoidable. However, regular preventative maintenance checks can help prevent costly repairs in the future, saving your money and keeping your vehicle in top condition. As a car is an investment, it requires car service Mordialloc for optimal performance. You must understand that all components in a car have different validity and require replacements, lubrication and upgrades to function properly. So, make it a point to invest in car service Mordialloc once in a while or hire a mechanic Mordialloc with a good reputation. Let’s get started.

Mechanic MordiallocRegular Engine Oil Change

If you’re a responsible car owner, you know the importance of a regular oil change. Once your vehicle has crossed 1000km, various parts of the engine come together & when this happens, debris & dust particles from the other parts mix with the engine oil and contaminate. So, you must flush out the contaminated oil, so your engine will be protected and escape from premature engine wear.

Car Battery Replacement

Just like brakes, car batteries are crucial & without them, engines won’t start. Car batteries have different life spans & keeping a check on them prevents you from replacement. As car batteries come with warranties, it’s good to be on the safer side and run periodic checks to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Belt Change

To keep your car running at its best, your car engine uses various belts like a timing belt, power & steering belt & drive belt. The constant motion and failure to follow manufacturer instructions lead to power loss, heavy steering & mechanical & electrical issues. To avoid this, ensure to take regular car service.

Brake & Transmission Checks

The two crucial components in a car that needs to be taken care of are your brake & transmission system. To ensure your car’s transmission is healthy, make regular checks, including fluid change & power checks has to be made. Good brakes assure road safety and help prevent road mishaps. As they’re crucial, schedule brake inspection & transmission services to keep your car rides safe and sound.

Proper Tyre Care

Has your car tyre crossed 5000kms? If so, it’s good to have a mechanics Mordialloc check its condition. Though they appear to be in good condition, an inspection would decide whether they requires replacement.

So, if you value your investment and want to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance, let the expert mechanics from Continental Mordialloc help you out.  For professional car repairs and service in Mordialloc, call 03 9590 9669 today.

Should You Choose Performance Tyres Over Standard Tyres?

There is no denying that car tyres are essential components that play an integral role in the performance of a vehicle. Most vehicles come fitted with standard tyres in Mordialloc, but if you would like to upgrade them, then the performance tyres is a great option to consider. There are several advantages of using performance tyres over your standard tyres, and they are as follows:

tyresHighly Responsive:

Today’s road conditions and the modern car designs demand a specific level of driving from the road users. Though you may not be a high-performance driver, these tyres help you react quickly by working with ABS systems, sensitive steering and suspension systems.

Better Handling:

Performance tyres are made from soft rubbers and they feature strong side walls that facilitate improved handling at higher speed. The stick rubber and wide surface of the tyres help you halt the vehicle quickly, leading to better road safety and reduced wear & tear.

Resist Heat Build-Up:

Standard car tyres heat up as you drive, but the performance tyres have a higher resistance to the heat build-up. In fact, the performance tyres are designed for warmer climates, so you can be assured of their longer lifespan.

Improved Traction:

Another major benefit that performance tyres offer is improved traction and better road holding.  They ensure smoother ride, and also help making cornering and motorway driving a lot safer.

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Renowned for professional car service in Mordialloc, Continental Mordialloc stocks and supplies a wide range of car tyres to choose from. Whether you are looking for budget tyres or the branded ones, you can be assured of finding a perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

Not sure if the performance tyres are right for you? Why not call 03 9590 9669 and talk to our car mechanic in Mordialloc? We will not only recommend the perfect tyres for you, but also assist with your tyre fitting needs.

Alarming Signs That Tell Your Brake System Needs Repair

When it comes to car service in Mordialloc, always ensure to check your vehicle’s brake system. As one of the critical system in your car, it needs maintenance. Also, brake repairs Mordialloc or replacements shouldn’t be neglected as it concerns your safety and the others on the road. Your vehicle’s brake system is made up of small components, brake pads and much more. Whether you have brake fluid issues or worn-out brake pads, it will create squealing or grinding sound and leaking fluid, many signs that suggest it’s time to get your vehicle to the car mechanic for brake repair.

Car ServiceSquealing & Grinding Noise

Just like a rat’s high-pitched squeaking sound, your brake pads start to make unusual sounds. It happens when a small piece of metal attached to your brake pad rubs against the rotor. You should avoid serious damage by replacing brake pads or tightening the loose components. Also, you may start to feel a grinding vibration when you press the brake pedals. Instead of facing a difficult situation on the road, get your brake system inspected by a car mechanic in Mordialloc thoroughly to drive safely.

Brake Fluid Leaks & Uncontrolled Veering 

Poor brake maintenance can lead to unexpected situations on the road. If your vehicle drifts to one side when you apply the brakes, know that your brake system is in trouble and needs service. It happens when your vehicle’s caliper freezes up or due to corrosion. Also, brake fluid leaks can result in the loss of braking power, making it difficult for the driver to drive.

Sometimes, worn-out brake components or fluid leaks can be more disastrous and resolve it with a professional car mechanic and drive with complete peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a brake repair service, call the experts at Continental Mordialloc. For appointments, give us a call on 03 9590 9669 today!

Get Your Tyres Ready For Winter – Here’s How?

As winter is around the corner, it’s time to prep up your vehicle for winter. Whether you’re taking care or leaving to a car service in Mordialloc, make sure each component is thoroughly checked in terms of performance and quality. Not to mention, your car tyres should be in great shape and condition to meet the chilly & snow-filled roads. If you’re living in a snowy area, you know how the road conditions will look like. As a car driver, you know how stressful is it to pass through such messy & snowy roads? Your car tyres are the ultimate sufferer and they need some checks by a mechanic Mordialloc to ensure it is safe and reliable.  Let’s get started.

Wheel AlignmentInspect The Tyre Tread

Your vehicle’s tyre tread is what keeps the tyres ability to grip the road. So, check your car tyre tread on each tire, and ensure to fix it by a car mechanic.

Tyre Pressure

Inflated car tyres may negatively impact your car’s handling. If you want to know the recommended tyre pressure, use a tyre pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure. As the temperature outside drops, your car tyres will eventually lose pressure. Whether it’s low tyre pressure or high, ensure to get it fixed as early as possible.

Buy Winter Tyres

Winter tyres can withstand snowy or slippery road conditions, they perform well in all cooler temperature regions. If you’re using standard tyres in a snowy area, they tend to lose their traction. So go for an all-season tyre to manage all weather conditions. If you fix them to your car, they’ll offer a better grip on snowy roads.

You can contact a local car mechanic to recommend the right tyre in Mordialloc that suits your vehicle and manage the harsh weather conditions.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly tyre options or tyre repairs or replacements, call Continental Mordialloc on 03 9590 9669 today.

Car Service Can Help Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

Car Service Can Help Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

Car Service & RepairsDid you know that the lifespan of your car to a great extent depends on maintenance practices and servicing? If you didn’t, then you should know. A well-maintained vehicle that is regularly serviced can travel for more than 100,000 miles without any challenge. To take good care of your vehicle, you need to know about its essential needs.

They include transmission, motor oil, power steering, radiator, and brake and Air Conditioning fluids and are all-important for your vehicle to perform at its best. I will discuss car service and car repairs for the mentioned essential needs in details below.

Motor oil

Your vehicle’s engine oils and oil pump can be compared to blood and the heart in a human being. Ensure that your car always has the right blend of oil by the car manual. Regular checking of oil is important preferably on a monthly basis. It is also wise to take your car to a friendly mechanic for a check-up.

Radiator fluid

Always fill the radiator tank with distilled water to prevent your engine from overheating. Most vehicles do well with glycol-based antifreeze coolant, which should be used while doing a regular flush to increase effectiveness.

Transmission fluid

This fluid lubricates all the moving parts while at the same time acting as a cleaning agent. Visit car repairs expert for advice on when to replace this fluid since it varies with different cars.

Brake fluid

Professional mechanics for car repairs will sort the problems associated with brakes grinding, squeaking and clunking. Driving a car with unresponsive brakes is dangerous. At Continental Mordialloc, you will find every kind of car service that you need to prolong the lifespan of your car.

AC fluids

Your car AC needs the coolant and refrigerant to prevent overheating of the engine and to make your car’s atmosphere fresh and nice. Your car will need coolants top-off quite often, so it’s upon you to find a mechanic to attend to that need.

It is obvious that every car owner would wish to see it in the best condition, to experience the most luxurious travel and take pride in its outlook. A regular car service would help ensure your vehicle is well maintained. It is also advisable to have a trustworthy mechanic who will be dealing with any car repairs that you might need. Call us today for any queries from our car service experts in Mordialloc.

4+ Signs That Your Car Need to See Car Mechanic

4+ Signs That Your Car Need to See Car Mechanic

Car MechanicA car operating efficiently is constantly amusing to ride, however, an auto that still separates in the city is unpleasant by any stretch of the imagination. In the event that you wind up with a car that dependably separates while in transit, at that point there are a few things you should observe before consulting car mechanic.

Before a car lets you down like every other mechanical gadget, it would give a notice sign. Some may not know notice these signs. In the event that you are one of the individuals who does not know the signs a car gives before it shatters, at that point you are going to discover it or read through the article to know it prior to the breakdown.

The following are the signs that your car needs to be fixed by a mechanic:

Boisterous Steering Wheel

Ideally, you shouldn’t hear any clamour from the guiding wheels while driving or while turning. In this way, in the event that you see any solid originating from your directing wheel, it could be an indication that one of the parts of the controlling wheel isn’t functioning admirably. The directing wheel conveys the heaviness of the entire vehicle, so in the event that it is harmed or it needs the wheel alignment, it will be unable to work maximally.

Uproarious Brakes

Brake commotions can extend from crushing to pounding to squeaking or screeching, whichever one you hear originating from your brakes, you shouldn’t overlook it. I mean the brakes are fundamental to the wellbeing of the car and its tenants, harm to auto brakes is perilous. Thus, one should attempt to visit the auto technician if at any time you hear a sound from your brakes.

Spilling Parts

Ensure you don’t take releases turning out from your vehicle for conceded. Each fluid that a car utilises should not to spill out. Auto fluids running from oil to fuel to water shouldn’t spill. Whenever fuel or ointment begins spilling from the auto, it could recolour your carport, or even comprise a fire danger. In this way, you should call up and plan a meeting with your auto repairman for car service when you see that your auto is spilling something regardless of how little.

Overabundance Smoke from Exhaust

An auto fume that is in the correct condition should not deliver any obvious smoke. In this way, when you see obvious dark smoke originating from your auto fumes, at that point you realize that the time has come to visit the auto technician workshop. Aside from causing air contamination, a smoky fume is an indication that your auto isn’t in great condition and would before long separate.

Other signs can be vehicle jerking, noisy engines & so forth. Remember these signs your car gives and be prepared to take it to a qualified & reliable car mechanic like Continental Mordialloc to fix it real quick. Call us 03 9590 9669 for any car mechanical repairs.

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