car service & repairs parkdale

Continental Mordialloc takes pride in providing car repair and maintenance services to vehicle owners in Parkdale and surrounding suburbs. Our ASE-certified mechanics can repair foreign, domestic, classic and hybrid vehicles in accordance with the industry standard. We have your best interest in mind and provide reliable car service at affordable prices.

Our Services Include:

Wheel Alignment:

Proper wheel alignment is extremely important to improve handling and the performance of your vehicle. When the wheels are not properly aligned, it leads to irregular tyre wear and affects their potential life. We have the experts who can perform a quick inspection and align the wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications. We also have a huge selection of cheap wheels, including performance wheels and steel wheels that can give your car a sportier look.

Tyres sale:

We provide a wide range of premium quality tyres for sale that is suitable for 4x4s, cars, vans and lightweight vehicle. If you are not sure about finding a perfect set of cheap tyres for your car, we can advise you on the right tyres. Our mechanics take your driving style and the manufacturer’s recommendation into account and suggest the suitable tyres for your vehicle. We are also equipped to provide tyre replacement services at affordable prices.

Miscellaneous Services:

Apart from wheel alignment and tyre fitting, we also provide a wide range of car repair services to our customers in Parkdale. Whether you want logbook service to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty or a thorough inspection to ensure your safety, we have got you covered. We inspect all the safety components of your vehicle and also perform brakes and clutches repairs, engine repairs, battery replacement and other diagnostic services to get you roadworthy certificate without any hassle.

Quality mechanics, competitive pricing and all-encompassing services make Continental Mordialloc the right choice for all your vehicle repair needs. If you would like to keep your car healthy on the road, call us at 03 9590 9669 and schedule an appointment today!