Tyres Special Offer

BestDrive Continental Adventure Voucher Promotion  –  August/September 2018
BestDrive stores can offer their customers an Adventure Voucher valued at up to $100.
Consumers who purchase 17″ or larger Continental branded Passenger Tyres can redeem for a $100 Adventure Voucher;
customers who purchase 14″-16″ Continental branded Passenger Tyres can redeem for a $50 Adventure Voucher.
When redeeming through Prezzee, customers can choose a voucher from BCF, Anaconda, Barbeques Galore, Supercheap Auto or Caltex.

A complete Promotion Outline for BestDrive stores is attached.
We also NOW include instructions on how to add a Marlin Promotion Tracking Code to invoices if you are using Marlin GTX.

  September Special Offer
Various sized Print, Digital and Facebook ads are available for your use with this campaign.
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