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We supply all types of tyres including Car Tyres, 4WD Tyres, Performance Tyres, Truck Tyres & Motorcycle Tyres. Great deals on Tyres for small, medium & family cars, performance vehicles, 4wds & commercial vehicles. Lowest Price Guaranteed.

Passenger Tyres

Continental Mordialloc offers Passenger Tyres are the ultimate choice for safety, durability and performance.

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4×4 / Suv Tyres

Continental Mordialloc offers quality 4×4 tyres that can drastically improve your car’s performance and your driving experience.

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Light Commercial Tyres

Continental Mordialloc offers Light commercial vehicle tyres that are designed in accordance.

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  • ContiCrossContact™ LX


  • ContiCrossContact™ LX 2


  • ContiCrossContact™ LX SP


  • ContiCrossContact™ UHP





  • Boss Kaos Chrome


  • G.max Wheels Inertia




About Us

Welcome to Continental Tyres Mordialloc – a full-service automotive repair centre serving customers in Mordialloc, Mentone, Parkdale, Moorabbin, Aspendale & surrounding suburbs.! Our mechanics are qualified to perform reliable service that you can trust at a fair price. We are proud to be your best choice for the scheduled maintenance of your truck, car, SUV and fleet vehicles.

Suspension Service Moorabbin

Your vehicle’s suspension system not only makes your ride smoother but also provides safety to the car. It is recommended by experts including Continental Mordialloc’s suspension service Moorabbin experts that you have your car’s suspension reviewed minimum once per year and have any suspension repairs taken care of quickly so that your safety is not compromised.

We at Continental Mordialloc are suspension service Moorabbin specialists and will investigate your whole system, checking rack mounts and the pump, replacing oils and modifying the belts. In the event that you think you have a suspension issue have a go at pushing down with your body weight on one corner of the vehicle. In the event that it bounces more than once, you need suspension service Moorabbin.

With proper suspension service Moorabbin, its arrangement of springs and shock absorbers, the suspension helps your vehicle’s turning capacity and furthermore keeps travellers comfortable by lessening the effect of street bumps, knocks, and vibrations.

Suspension service Moorabbin assures that your vehicle maintains:

  • Correct vehicle ride height
  • Minimum shock forces
  • Proper wheel alignment
  • Central vehicle weight
  • Correct tyre contact
  • Correct direction of travel

To guarantee that all functions are performed precisely, suspension service Moorabbin checks that all of the suspension components both front and back, are in great working condition.

It just takes one worn shock absorber in your vehicle to hamper the safety of your car as worn shocks may prompt excessive bounce and vibrations leading to poor road contact and reduced suspension control.

Under typical driving conditions, the shock absorbers on your vehicle move more than one thousand times for every kilometre. Thus, shock absorbers wear out rapidly. To keep up the top driving performance and condition of you vehicle, we recommend having suspension service Moorabbin technicians check shock absorbers every 20,000 kilometres and have them changed each 80,000 km.


Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria are required when selling or re-registering a used vehicle.

Car batteries are the essential parts of a vehicle’s charging and starting systems.

Regular car service and maintenance is important to maximise the value of your vehicle

A new car usually comes with a logbook that has to be filled out by an automotive technician every time

Car Service & Mechanics Mordialloc

Continental Mordialloc knows how important your vehicle to you is and is committed to giving you the very best personal service. Being at the forefront of vehicle technology, we can surpass the challenge presented by today’s complex automotive problems. Our trained and qualified mechanics have years of experience to provide the right solutions for all of your vehicle problems. It is our objective to be your first choice for general car service, logbook service, wheel alignment, brake & clutch repairs, suspension repairs and tyre sales.

We Have Passion For Car Repairs…

At Continental Mordialloc, we have a great passion and in-depth knowledge to work on vehicles of all makes and models. With a thorough approach and using the most up-to-date diagnostic technology, our mechanics carry out the highest quality of repairs at reasonable rates. Our versatile expertise and responsive attitude make us the best choice for our customers who continue to return to us for all their car repair needs.

We Stock & Fit Branded Tyres & Wheels…

Our immense experience in the auto repair industry has led to an in-depth knowledge of recommending appropriate tyres for all car types. Whether you drive a passenger car, sports car, SUV, 4X4, van, truck or caravan, we are able to provide the right set of tyres that suit all weather conditions, road conditions and driving styles. As a part of our tyre service, we also provide first-rate tyre fitting services. We stock Mag, Performance, Alloy, Steel, and BSA wheels from leading brands, so you can be assured of their quality, sturdy construction, excellent rigidity, and low rotational mass. We have plenty of brands and choices available that can be overwhelming for the buyers.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • All our car repairs are carried out to the industry standard and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and prices.
  • The replacement parts we use are of top-notch quality, which means your vehicle’s warranty and integrity will be maintained.
  • We realise that the time is of great essence and so, we fix your car problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

So, whether your car needs an oil change or a major repair, Continental Mordialloc team is fully equipped to meet your requirements. Call us at 03 9590 9669 and schedule an appointment today!

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