ContiSportContact™ 3

Passenger Tyre

One of the most crucial requirements of tyres fitted on high performance, sports cars is agile steering precision. This ensures your vehicle maintains good adherence to the road in face of the considerable forces acting on the tyres when driving at high speeds, making abrupt manoeuvres or changes in road surfaces. The asymmetric tread ribs on the ContiSportContact™ 3 are designed to absorb these forces.

On dry roads, the new tread pattern ribs provide outstanding braking capability and steering precision, by absorbing the forces exerted on braking. This means a reduction in stopping distances.

On wet surfaces, the unique grooves allow increased clearance of water for better resistance to aquaplaning.

  • Excellent safety when driving at speed.
  • Shorter stopping distances on wet and dry roads.
  • Excellent protection against aquaplaning.
  • Symmetric tread ribs.
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