There is no denying that car tyres are essential components that play an integral role in the performance of a vehicle. Most vehicles come fitted with standard tyres in Mordialloc, but if you would like to upgrade them, then the performance tyres is a great option to consider. There are several advantages of using performance tyres over your standard tyres, and they are as follows:

tyresHighly Responsive:

Today’s road conditions and the modern car designs demand a specific level of driving from the road users. Though you may not be a high-performance driver, these tyres help you react quickly by working with ABS systems, sensitive steering and suspension systems.

Better Handling:

Performance tyres are made from soft rubbers and they feature strong side walls that facilitate improved handling at higher speed. The stick rubber and wide surface of the tyres help you halt the vehicle quickly, leading to better road safety and reduced wear & tear.

Resist Heat Build-Up:

Standard car tyres heat up as you drive, but the performance tyres have a higher resistance to the heat build-up. In fact, the performance tyres are designed for warmer climates, so you can be assured of their longer lifespan.

Improved Traction:

Another major benefit that performance tyres offer is improved traction and better road holding.  They ensure smoother ride, and also help making cornering and motorway driving a lot safer.

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