Alarming Signs That Tell Your Brake System Needs Repair

When it comes to car service in Mordialloc, always ensure to check your vehicle’s brake system. As one of the critical system in your car, it needs maintenance. Also, brake repairs Mordialloc or replacements shouldn’t be neglected as it concerns your safety and the others on the road. Your vehicle’s brake system is made up of small components, brake pads and much more. Whether you have brake fluid issues or worn-out brake pads, it will create squealing or grinding sound and leaking fluid, many signs that suggest it’s time to get your vehicle to the car mechanic for brake repair.

Car ServiceSquealing & Grinding Noise

Just like a rat’s high-pitched squeaking sound, your brake pads start to make unusual sounds. It happens when a small piece of metal attached to your brake pad rubs against the rotor. You should avoid serious damage by replacing brake pads or tightening the loose components. Also, you may start to feel a grinding vibration when you press the brake pedals. Instead of facing a difficult situation on the road, get your brake system inspected by a car mechanic in Mordialloc thoroughly to drive safely.

Brake Fluid Leaks & Uncontrolled Veering 

Poor brake maintenance can lead to unexpected situations on the road. If your vehicle drifts to one side when you apply the brakes, know that your brake system is in trouble and needs service. It happens when your vehicle’s caliper freezes up or due to corrosion. Also, brake fluid leaks can result in the loss of braking power, making it difficult for the driver to drive.

Sometimes, worn-out brake components or fluid leaks can be more disastrous and resolve it with a professional car mechanic and drive with complete peace of mind.

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Get Your Tyres Ready For Winter – Here’s How?

As winter is around the corner, it’s time to prep up your vehicle for winter. Whether you’re taking care or leaving to a car service in Mordialloc, make sure each component is thoroughly checked in terms of performance and quality. Not to mention, your car tyres should be in great shape and condition to meet the chilly & snow-filled roads. If you’re living in a snowy area, you know how the road conditions will look like. As a car driver, you know how stressful is it to pass through such messy & snowy roads? Your car tyres are the ultimate sufferer and they need some checks by a mechanic Mordialloc to ensure it is safe and reliable.  Let’s get started.

Wheel AlignmentInspect The Tyre Tread

Your vehicle’s tyre tread is what keeps the tyres ability to grip the road. So, check your car tyre tread on each tire, and ensure to fix it by a car mechanic.

Tyre Pressure

Inflated car tyres may negatively impact your car’s handling. If you want to know the recommended tyre pressure, use a tyre pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure. As the temperature outside drops, your car tyres will eventually lose pressure. Whether it’s low tyre pressure or high, ensure to get it fixed as early as possible.

Buy Winter Tyres

Winter tyres can withstand snowy or slippery road conditions, they perform well in all cooler temperature regions. If you’re using standard tyres in a snowy area, they tend to lose their traction. So go for an all-season tyre to manage all weather conditions. If you fix them to your car, they’ll offer a better grip on snowy roads.

You can contact a local car mechanic to recommend the right tyre in Mordialloc that suits your vehicle and manage the harsh weather conditions.

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