Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

When you’re a car owner, you know that car repairs are unavoidable. However, regular preventative maintenance checks can help prevent costly repairs in the future, saving your money and keeping your vehicle in top condition. As a car is an investment, it requires car service Mordialloc for optimal performance. You must understand that all components in a car have different validity and require replacements, lubrication and upgrades to function properly. So, make it a point to invest in car service Mordialloc once in a while or hire a mechanic Mordialloc with a good reputation. Let’s get started.

Mechanic MordiallocRegular Engine Oil Change

If you’re a responsible car owner, you know the importance of a regular oil change. Once your vehicle has crossed 1000km, various parts of the engine come together & when this happens, debris & dust particles from the other parts mix with the engine oil and contaminate. So, you must flush out the contaminated oil, so your engine will be protected and escape from premature engine wear.

Car Battery Replacement

Just like brakes, car batteries are crucial & without them, engines won’t start. Car batteries have different life spans & keeping a check on them prevents you from replacement. As car batteries come with warranties, it’s good to be on the safer side and run periodic checks to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Belt Change

To keep your car running at its best, your car engine uses various belts like a timing belt, power & steering belt & drive belt. The constant motion and failure to follow manufacturer instructions lead to power loss, heavy steering & mechanical & electrical issues. To avoid this, ensure to take regular car service.

Brake & Transmission Checks

The two crucial components in a car that needs to be taken care of are your brake & transmission system. To ensure your car’s transmission is healthy, make regular checks, including fluid change & power checks has to be made. Good brakes assure road safety and help prevent road mishaps. As they’re crucial, schedule brake inspection & transmission services to keep your car rides safe and sound.

Proper Tyre Care

Has your car tyre crossed 5000kms? If so, it’s good to have a mechanics Mordialloc check its condition. Though they appear to be in good condition, an inspection would decide whether they requires replacement.

So, if you value your investment and want to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance, let the expert mechanics from Continental Mordialloc help you out.  For professional car repairs and service in Mordialloc, call 03 9590 9669 today.

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